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Brown County Mountain Bike Trails
Nashville, Indiana, USA

Mountain Biker Camping Information
A large, spacious site in the Rally Campground.

Brown County State Park Campgrounds

The best place to camp is in the state park.  Camping in Brown County State Park is divided into four areas.  The Rally Camp Area is our favorite place to camp. It is better for larger groups of any size. Be aware that it is $50 per night with a two night minimum, so it is not a cheap place to camp with a family or a small group.  It is the closest camping area to a trailhead (western terminus of Limekiln Trail - see trail map), but be aware that there are no electric or water hookups in this area.  For smaller, more traditional individual sites Raccoon Ridge is our favorite followed by Taylor RidgeBuffalo Ridge is best if you have an RV or large camper and you want full-hookups.  There are showers and bathrooms with warm running water available within close proximity to all of the camping areas. All of the camping areas are adjacent to one another and are all within riding distance of each other and the trailhead.

One of the best things about camping in the state park is the 5 p.m. late check-out time on Sundays and holidays. This allows you to have a leisurely breakfast, go on a huge ride, take a shower and cook dinner before you drive home!

Online camping reservations are available.  We strongly recommend making reservations. Brown County State Park is a very busy place.
Camping Rates and Fees
Camping Etiquette
Camping Restrictions
Please be aware that Brown County State Park campgrounds can be very busy.  Like any other large campground you may have loud, obnoxious neighbors that keep you up at night.  If you want as much quiet and isolation as possible, camp in the Rally Camp Area

Private Campgrounds

Camping options outside the state park are mostly focused on RV's or equestrian campers.  One exception is the camping at eXplore Brown County
. They have full-hookups or primitive tent camping.  They are mountain bike-friendly and there are over thirty miles of mountain bike trails on the property.  These trails are a different type of trails than the Brown County State Park trail system.  They are rougher with more ups-and-downs, and they are maintained less.  They have less "flow" than the trails at the state park, but they are still very challenging and fun.  The property is an easy ten minute drive from the state park, and its centralized location makes it the closest drive to the trails at Nebo Ridge, Hickory Ridge and Gnaw Bone Camp.

Primitive Camping

The only primitive camping in the area is in Hoosier National Forest.  There are lots of sites along the main forest roads that are good for car camping.  You can fit one or more small RV's or campers and several tents at some of the larger sites.  All of the sites are pull-offs adjacent to the gravel roads.  They will all fit at least one vehicle and a tent. They are all first-come, first-serve. Hoosier National Forest "dispersed" camping information can be found here.
The best campsites are right smack-dab in the middle of the good riding at the Hickory Ridge and Nebo Ridge trail systems, but not everyone desires that kind of rougher, backcountry trail experience (bring your bug spray, tools, lots of water and spare tubes).  We use the campsites frequently, and we enjoy the isolation and remote locations.  We're also self-contained, so we don't mind the lack of water, electricity or toilets.  If you stay in the Hickory Ridge area, the best Hickory trails to ride are 18, 19, and 20.  Link those up with Nebo Ridge, and you'll have an amazing backcountry epic ride.  Please note that conditions need to be dry to attempt any rides in this area.  Check or post in the trail conditions forum first.
The main disadvantage to using these backcountry sites is that they can fill up on popular weekends (especially popular hunting weekends and holidays).  They are also a twisty (but beautiful) 20-30 minute drive away from the Brown County State Park trails and Nashville.