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Two Night Run at Deer Creek for Summer 2004

Phish announced their Summer Tour on Tuesday, April 13. Phish will perform thirteen concerts this summer in two short legs - eight shows in June and another five in August. They will play two nights at Deer Creek on Wednesday, June 23 and Thursday, June 24. Deer Creek is among a short list of five favorite Phish venues to receive a two night stand on this upcoming tour.

Unfortunately, you won't see this sign anymore.  It is now an advertisement for a cell phone company. I know I am a little biased, but I have to say that Deer Creek shows have always been some of the best of my Phish "career". One of the best things about the Creek is the scene. I always feel that there is a lot of love floating around. Do your part and spread a little of yours around. It will come back to you for sure! If you've never been to Deer Creek for a Phish show, I hope you enjoy every minute of this unique Phish experience. For those of you that are making a return trip, I don't need to tell you how much fun it can be.

BTW...Ladies, my buddy Chuck will be there, and he is a party animal. Single too! If you say please, he may give you a sip of his High Life.

Creek Credentials...

A Deer Creek Local Crew Pass from 1999.
  • It is the only venue that the band has played every summer that they have toured since 1995.
  • It has been voted favorite outdoor Phish venue by a Pharmer's Almanac Readers Survey.
  • It was nominated by Pollstar for a Best Large Outdoor Concert Venue Award.
  • Phish was awarded the Best Live Performance Jammy Award in 2001 for their July 11, 2000 show at Deer Creek.
  • It was the only venue with a three night run during Summer Tour 2000 and will once again be the only venue with a three night run during Summer Tour 2003.
  • It is spread out over 228 spacious acres and is surrounded by beautiful Indiana farmland.
The Stuff of Legends...

"Deer Creek. For those who have been here before, it's like Christmas in July all over again. For those who have not experienced the event that is Deer Creek, all we can say is expect the unexpected. Because who could ever expect a blistering version of the Smashing Pumpkin's 'Rhinocerous' to open the show (1998) or a thirty minute 'Cities' leading into a forty plus minute 'Good Times Bad Times', complete with a Mike Gordon piano solo (1997). If you think we're making an effort to hype you up for these upcoming shows here at Deer Creek, you're damn right. Any concert at Deer Creek is a tough ticket, simply because of the intimate setting and amazing sound this venue boasts. The Indiana night sky, the great lawn screen camera work, and sparkling acoustics have made Deer Creek perhaps Phish's favorite summer venue. So prepare yourselves for a mind-jolting show, folks. You have reached the top of the mountain!"

Written by Kevin Cassels. Reprinted with permission from the Pharmer's Almanac Tour Extra Vol. 7, No. 6 (7/25-26, 1999).
Photo by Evan Osherow.  Click on picture for the full-size version.
Mike makes a visit to the Deer Creek on-site camping in 1999 to check out the "Willies and their wares". Photo by Evan Osherow.

Phish Wins 2001 Jammy for Best Live Performance with Deer Creek Show...

Phish's concert from July 11, 2000 at Deer Creek was the fans' choice for Live Performance of the Year at the Jammy Awards in 2001. Bassist Mike Gordon expressed the band's gratitude in a written statement: "I can say that Deer Creek has always been one of our favorite venues, and based on my usual pre-show golf-cart cruise, the relaxed vibe in the parking lot always seems a notch above the rest…We feel lucky to be able to play improvised music for such a fantastic audience." Thanks, Mike. We'll be looking for you on the Deer Creek Shakedown Street in July.
Phish Salutes Deer Creek and The Murat at Millenium Bash...

At Phish's Millenium celebration at the Big Cypress Indian Reservation in Florida, the band named two streets in the campground area after Indiana venues. At the southernmost part of the grounds was Murat Street. In the middle of the grounds was Deer Creek Street. There were twelve streets in all that were named after Phish's favorite venues. Phish played at The Murat Theatre in 1993 and 1994. Trey Anastasio's solo tour also made a stop there in 1999. Phish played at Deer Creek Amphitheatre every summer from 1995-2000. It holds the distinction as the only venue that Phish visited each of those five years. Thanks for the love Phish!

Deer Creek Loves Phish Phans...

August, 1999
Dear Phish Fans,

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable tour. As campground security supervisor for Deer Creek in Noblesville, Indiana, I would just like to say thank you to all the people that made the final tour shows such a success. You are the best group of people I have had the honor of meeting. You made our job so easy. It's so rare to see fans and security get along so well, but you made it possible. Before this weekend I couldn't understand how so many people could follow a band around the country, but after meeting all of you and seeing the bond you have formed with each other I can easily see how one could do what all of you are doing. I know I speak for the Deer Creek staff when I say we enjoyed the atmosphere you created, and we enjoyed having you as our guests. I hope you had a good experience with us, and I hope to see all of you back in the Fall. If you read this, please spread the word to your friends that attended the shows at Deer Creek. Good luck and be safe.

Thanks again,
Brett Werner

Uh, but I work here, sir.

Before You Go, Know.