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Deer Creek Phan Testimonials

"It just gets better every year."
-Trey Anastasio, July 12, 2000

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  • By far the most popular outdoor venue in Phish's touring schedule. Deer Creek is considered the mecca of the Phish summer tour experience. It's not just the sparkling acoustics, intimate size, and precise screen work that has made Deer Creek the most popular outdoor Phish venue, but the virtual tent city that aligns the town of Noblesville when Phish comes around. Camping is the thing to do at Deer Creek, and popular campgrounds like Dead Creek, Timber Ho, and Close-By play host to the thousands of phans that descend upon Deer Creek each year, providing not only camping, but live entertainment, general stores, and fun and games to keep campers occupied during the day. Deer Creek is also unique because it provides concertgoers with on-site camping, making the walk from home to the show last only minutes. Every Phish show at Deer Creek has sold out, and will surely continue to do so as the myth of Deer Creek continues to spread.
    -The Pharmer's Almanac, Volume 6, Page 509.

  • If you've never been there, Deer Creek is nestled in Indiana cornfields out in the open. It is almost like going to a show in the "country" if you are from an East Coast city.
    -Charles Dirksen

  • The scene was, and is, the best of all lots. The people were nice and friendly as always.

  • Hey kids. First of all, I must say that everyone should go to Deer Creek at some point. The camping and lot scene was interesting. Lots of nice people hanging out, selling things. I talked with a number of people I didn't know, most of whom were quite nice. All in all, the phans were cool. This, plus a beautiful venue and a beautiful night made for quite an anticipatory vibe.
    -Christian David Hoard

  • Deer Creek is one of the best places to see the boys play, and it's even better because I'm an Indy Native.
    -Eric Laue

  • We arrived at Deer Creek when most everyone else was in Alpine Valley. We set up camp at Green Acres which is the best campsite up there. There were so many people, and everyone had a good time. I would guess that there were about 1300 to 1500 people there. What a place. Deer Creek lots were kicking as always, and that place is a great place to see a show. Phish never lets you down at Deer Creek.
    -Anonymous Phan

  • First, hats off to Deer Creek on-site camping. It was close, clean, cheap, and I didn't see security giving ANY hassles. Phans were being cool and not causing any big disruptions so everbody got along fine. Hopefully, things will go just as smoothly in years to come.
    -Anonymous Phan

  • As always, Deer Creek had a jumpin lot, best I’ve seen, and vending was full in swing…great show, great night, great campground.
    -Janet Kirby

  • I once again enjoyed the campground scene, which was SWEET. I love walking to shows! A great two nights amongst the corn.
    -Scott Silton

  • Two great shows and great nights at the campground, especially the late night drumming.
    -Paul Pearman

  • First of all, I must mention the campgrounds down the road from the venue (approx. 2 mi.). The names of the campgrounds were Red Bud, Green Acres, and Stoney Way...uh, huh, huh, huh...yeah.
    -John Powell

  • I happened to think that "the scenes" at the Gorge and the Went were among the greatest I've ever seen, and I saw over 100 Dead shows throughout the last decade. I had such a blast just bopping around the scene and interacting with so many different cool people and there were just all kinds of smiles, and bowls, and interesting info about tour, UFOs, and everything being exchanged. The same was true at the campground scene after the Deer Creek show.

  • Deer Creek is the best place to hear any band. The sound is crystal clear and the scene is so peaceful.
    -Rob Koeller

  • There is nothing like gettin' down in the middle of a cornfield somewhere in Indiana. I had a soul-cleansing show that I can't wait to tell my grandchildren about.
    -Colm Connell

  • The Deer Creek adventure should be experienced by all, at one time or another.
    -Keith McCrary

  • I saw Phish at deer creek this July! I wasn't that big of a fan at the time, I had only heard their songs when I was in my friend's car. Now that I went to the concert I'M HOOKED!!! It was the greatest night of my life. The way their light show lit up the entire ampitheater was awesome.
    -Jennifer Sadler

  • The venue is incredible, the security was very helping and polite, and the fans were great. Just what one would expect. Oh and of course, the band just jammed. I feel privileged to have been able to attend such an event. As a high school economics teacher and proud parent, I don't get to see as many shows as I would like. So I pick and choose carefully. This was one of the best ever. Thank you to all who were involved.

  • I'm a Creek veteran who has seen EVERY Phish show and even a couple GD shows there. It is without a doubt my favorite venue in which to catch a phish show.
    -Doug Zupan

  • Deer Creek is by far one of the best venues around. The last time I saw the Dead was the three night run they did the summer of '94 at the creek. I've also seen every show that Phish has played there. They have an great setup at the venue. Good sound, even out in the lawn. There are tons of good campgrounds close by as well as on-site camping this year which is good news since the Indiana state patrol has been known to set up road blocks near the venue after the shows. Beyond all of this though there is some sort of mysterious curiosity that goes along with the Phish shows at the Creek. Just look at the setlists from years past. There's something there that seems to draw people like a New Years show. Since '96 all of their shows have sold out within hours of going on sale. This year they were all gone in an hour. Did I mention the goodies? The creek has always proven to be a haven for whatever you're cravin'. Just wait till you get back to the campground to do your buying or selling and partying.
    -Jason Rappaport
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