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Brown County Mountain Bike Trails
Nashville, Indiana, USA

Trail Raves

I live in Pittsburgh, PA but rode this trail while in Indiana last week.  Normally I ride tight single track, all mountain/cross county stuff back east.  The trails @ Brown County are Fun and fast.  Bike Magazine just named it the best trail in Indiana.  There are over 26 miles of fun fast single-track.  I give high marks to HMBA for the great work that they did on this trail.  I had a wide grin on my face after riding the newest trail that they built.  Absolute jumpfest!  I had a great ride, bottom line!...if you are traveling to or near Indianapolis, take your bike.  You will love this rollercoaster trail.  Thank you HMBA.
Mikee C., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Congratulations to the Park for making a great trail. I grew up here, but moved to Tucson.  I just rode this trail last month, and was impressed.  The full trail is a good aerobic challenge, if you push yourself, and it is well constructed.  The riding gets harder the higher (and more tired) you get, with some nice rock gardens and wooden bridges.  The view at Hesitation Point is great, and the bomb back down is well-earned.
A. Watters, Tucson, Arizona
If you don't have fun on these trails, you probably ought to give up mountain biking.
Bob Crow, St. Louis, Missouri
Best Damn trails I've ever ridden.  Imagine pumping for minutes at a time and going faster and faster.  Throw in the occassional rock garden and flowing grade reversals and some 300+ foot climbs and it's pure heaven.  Word has it that the HMBA guys have to be roped in while building their current project on steep sideslopes.  Can't wait to ride that one.  If you're a big fan of going 25+ mph while not pedaling, on an 18" wide singletrack this is the place for you.
John, CAMBRr Founder, Oak Forest, Illinois
The trails were brilliant.
Mike, Chicago, Illinois
Brown County trails lived up to their "amazing trails" reputation! Sweet, sweet, shady single track;  fast, flowing and fun. Rollers, switchbacks, some good rocky technical sections. Fast flowing technical down hills, and challenging climbs. Brwn Cty is like Colorado riding in many ways, but without the high altitude, without the extra 740 miles of destination driving (260 miles to Brown Cty, IN versus 1,000 miles to Boulder, CO), and without the hot sun of many of the Colorado trails.
Nancy Fallon, Chicago Area, Illinois
With the exception of some trails I've been on in California, there is no trail system that I have more fun riding than Brown County.   [HMBA] build the best trails I've ever seen. . . period!  EVERYTHING is built to IMBA standards.  I know I hit 25+ MPH in a few spots while navigating my way between roots and rocks.  The woods are some of the most beautiful around with older growth trees and minimal undergrowth making some gorgeous scenery.  I bet the wildflowers are amazing in the spring.
J Dub, Cincinnati Off Road Alliance Trail Designer/Builder, Cincinnati, Ohio

Gnaw Bone Lefty from Raccon Ridge, Brown County told us "Our goal is to have people from Europe flying into Indy to ride here".  From what I've seen today, the good folks from the HMBA are well on their way to realizing that goal.  This trail system is built to some of the highest standards I've ever seen in some 23 years of mountain biking.

Retro Grouch, Kings Island, Ohio

Bring a lunch and plenty of water for an all-day ride that will be as challenging as you want to make it.  All of these trails were handbuilt to IMBA standards and will not disappoint.  The trails are so fast and flowy that you wont remember any of the few climbs contained in them.  There are also various handbuilt technical features that can make advanced riders squeamish, but also have bailouts for beginners.  The scenery is beautiful and this is easily one of the best trails in the mid-west.

Eric, Kentucky

Myself and a few others came up over the summer and are totally amped on your trail system.  Major Kudos on the design, use of the terrain, and very natural trail features.  We are bringing most of our Trail Stewards up your way hopefully to steal some of your ideas.  Honestly, the last time we were there we were having too much fun to stop and look at anything specific.  Thanks again for creating these wonderful trails, your hard work does not go unappreciated.

Scott "Kirby" Whitaker, President, Gateway Off-Road Cyclists, St. Louis, Missouri

The new Schooner Trail is off the hook! We need trails like this around here...BC is setting the bar for all other trail builders to try and match.
Kurt, Smitty's Cyclery, Cincinnati, Ohio
I think BC might be the best trail system I have ever ridden, that place is unreal, banked turns, doubles, roller coaster style single track, technical stuff...they've got it all!
Mike, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky
Out of the 40+ trail systems in 5 states that I have ridden - these trails are #1 - flow, cruisability, ridable challenge, well maintained, great scenery - Thank You and Congratulations on putting together some fantastic trails!!!! - I'll be back as soon and often as I can.
Dan Holtrop, East Lansing, Michigan