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Great Things to Have at Deer Creek

Frisbee - Remember, Indiana is big and flat. That translates into a lot of open spaces. Most campgrounds have a place to toss around the ol' frisbee. The Deer Creek Official Camping even has a large enough area to play ultimate frisbee.

Kite - The same places that are good for frisbee are also good for flying kites. There's often a good breeze blowing in the summer.

Drum - Wherever you turn there seem to be drum circles. If you listen, you can always here someone keeping da rythym.

Firepit - Some camping areas only allow fires in firepits.

Canopy - July in Indiana is hot and sunny. VERY hot and sunny. You may go for three days without seeing any clouds. A canopy or other form of shade is almost a necessity.

Suntan Lotion - Even if you don't think you'll burn or you usually don't, YOU WILL! I almost never get burned, but I seem to every year at Deer Creek.

Bicycle - A bike is a great thing to have. Everything is very spread out. It is a great way to explore all of the great camping areas around the beautiful countryside. Also, it is handy to have one to get around if you camp at Deer Creek. The camping area is huge.

Cooler - Because of the heat, cold beverages are a must. The more insulated the better.

Allergy Medicine - Although I'm never usually affected by it, I always hear people bitching about their allergies at Deer Creek. The pollen count is usually outrageously high. There is ragweed everywhere along with tons of other plants that will bother you if you're sensitive. Sudafed works great.

Dogs - Although I don't personally recommend bringing animals on tour, Deer Creek is probably the best/safest venue to bring a dog to. There's lots of room to run with them. However, if you do decide to bring a dog please keep it tied up. Keep in mind that the camping area will have 5,000-10,000 people in it. If you lose your dog, your chance of finding it is slim.

Raingear - Although it is usually sunny, an occasional thunderstorm will blow through. Occasionally, they will be somewhat severe (i.e. 1998). Make sure that your campsite is anchored down well and important items are in your vehicle. Because many of the camp areas are wide open, the winds can get very strong.

Comfy Shoes/Sandals - I guarantee that you will do a TON of walking. Even if you camp at the Deer Creek On-Site Camping Area it is still a lengthy walk to the back entrance of the amphitheatre. A typical walk to one of private camping areas is anywhere from 1-3 miles.
Bring your drum or guitar!